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In The Spirit of
Mother Earth


Calling upon the Spirit of Mother Earth with a nurturing ecological vision, using fresh appreciation invoking the spirit of Mother Earth. Feel in your heart the blessing of the Divine Mother. The spirit of peace, The spirit of truth, The spirit of freedom. She is the medicine Mama, that is why she’s a mystery. She’s a wonder, that’s why she calls herself “I am the I am.”

Grey Wolfe unique rituals are inspired and created by spending time and learning from a traditional healer and the voice for Mother Nature. Throughout these soulful journeys you will experience a variety of tools, rituals, symbols and traditions creating a healing experience connecting you with EARTH, SPIRIT & SELF.

£240 / 90 MINS

Earth Energy

Embark on a wellbeing journey from the medicine of mama, the energy of the earth. An earthy energising body scrub that weaves a message of new life and renewal combined with a comforting ‘dance’ of oil massaged across the body pausing at each of the chakras. A fresh promise of pure healing igniting your health and vitality.

Your massage is entwined with our signature blend poultice of herbs and spices that release their natural properties, rhythmically stamped, kneaded and rocked over the bodies Marma Points (“Marma translates as “secret” a mystic point that unlocks the body’s potential for healing, a door where the energy enters the physical body”) generating a harmonious flow of energy.


£180 / 60 MINS

The Tapping Ritual

A spiritual wake-up call to support and maintain your health with A dose of ancient wisdom tapping into your own high vibrational energy. An authentic customised massage with essential oils to create a flow suitable for your needs and mindset merged with a tapping ceremony to open up space for releasing tension and calm your nervous system.


£180 / 60 MINS

I Am, Because You Are

The vitality of beauty and the strength in traditions. Battle tension with our moderate to deep pressure signature massage which uses a heated Rungu, a Maasai warrior’s wooden wand to clear stagnant energy and restore your energy flow. A treatment rooted in a warm sense of comfort by a spiritual expression and a celebration of oneness.


£180 / 60 MINS

Mother Earth Spirit Connection

Tune in and listen to your gut. Follow your heart. Use your head. A connection with feeling the energy between your head, heart and gut to balance your well-being. To release blockages and balance your soul. Working together in alignment, this healing treatment focuses on our 3 brains – the head brain, the gut brain and the heart brain. A ritual strongly based on unresolved emotional issues which are stored in the digestive system. Developed by the essence of energy and considered the foundation of aligning our head, heart and gut, essential when checking in with yourself. Using a sequence of deep, soft and gentle pressure on the abdomen, rib and pelvic area, an abdominal detox massage through a fusion of healing chakras and a skin boost of light therapy to assist your body in its natural ability to heal from the inside out. A deep rooted practice using blended essential oils containing energy and information from nature.


Beauty from natural ingredients and traditional recipes.

In The Spirit Of Mother Earth was founded to share the nature-inspired teachings rooted in the sacred plants of medicine.

“We have forgotten where we came from, we have forgotten the message, we have forgotten the teaching. So, we need to look back and say, “I want to come back home.”