Grey Wolfe Method


A healthy mind, body, and soul starts from within. Grey Wolfe works from a natural spiritual background blending our signature treatments to heal the inner self. Essential to our beauty is a healthy lifestyle, an inner peace, positivity, confidence and overall balance. We build our principles on love, touch, gratitude, grounding, and intention. We believe you have to be happy from within, hence, why we always say to our clients you build your beauty with every bite, breath, thought, and action. Small changes in your diet and lifestyle can take your beauty and body from worn out and deprived to radiant, healthy and nourished. The added benefit? You’ll super charge your health, rev up your energy and boost your emotional wellness. 

With the understanding of what our body is telling us, we are all empowered to create a healthy and vibrant future. Your mind is the most powerful medicine to heal, restore, and maintain perfect health. It’s so important to build a loving and nurturing relationship with ourselves and we believe it is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.  You’re as beautiful as you feel, so think gorgeous thoughts, be kind to your body and be confident about your own unique beauty and then you’ll love what you see in the mirror – Rock your radiance. Treating beauty inside out – from the root – from the soul.

We’re here to help you understand how to nourish your body and spirit whilst you strive for inner harmony and empower you along your path. This requires you live in accordance to nature, seasonal eating, and listening to your body’s needs. We will endeavor to teach you as much as we can so that you can be proactive as well as empowered within the experience and your life.


GW uses traditional earth-based elements in our signature treatments to restore your natural state of well-being and bring you into balance with yourself in the natural world. We will intuitively and holistically combine our signature elements which will be tailored to support you and your treatment choice for an overall wellness experience. 

Wellness Touch

“Your health, the natural way”. Wellness touch treatments use your bodys energy to treat your whole self by tapping into your bodys natural state of well-being.

Grey Wolfe Method / Body

£180 / 60 MINS

We work with your boy’s natural energy system to provide a deep sense of inner peace and stillness. To be Mindful – taking time for what matters. Your health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being. Massage is the oldest form of medicine to nourish the soul and tone every zone. A remedy for inside and out. 

Grey Wolfe Method / Face

£180 / 60 MINS
Our complexion is a reflection of what is happening within our mind, body and soul. This is soul therapy for the skin, which works by addressing your skincare needs from the inside out. It is a cosmic blend of both external and internal therapy.

Grey Wolfe Method / Face & Body

£240 / 90 MINS
These treatments use a combination of skin, massage and soul care for total body wellness. Detox your mind and cleanse your karma to transform positive energy which will help empower your intentions. Love and gratitude are the perfect antidotes to the stresses of modern day life, which help you continue on your life journey feeling empowered and confident. We restore the natural balance of the mind, body and soul so that you will be glowing from the inside out.

Glossary of GW Method Terms

Wellness Touch

 A simple form of meditation, allowing for quieting of the mind, calm thoughts, lowering of blood pressure, and a reduction in stress.

Smudging Ceremony

Set an intention for the coming day and clear your body and mind with a sage smudging ceremony, allowing for purity of mind and clearing of negative energy.

Energy Flow

Energy balancing techniques to unblock trapped and stagnant energy, allowing for the body’s electrically charged lines to properly balance the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head connecting both energetic and physical bodies, and by using endocrine gland testing and colour therapy, blockages dissipate and the body becomes balanced.

Breath work

A breathwork practice at the beginning of each treatment, which has a calming effect and places you in the present moment.


Crystals vibrate at different frequencies and help bring our face and body into sync so they can glow. Crystals vibrate at a much higher frequency than our bodies, which allows them to aid our lives in variety of ways. Many crystals help boost our mood, alleviate stress, restore harmony and even aid in physical health and bodily healing.


Visualisation uses the power of your imagination to help you relax or relieve symptoms. You create images in your mind that can help you to relax, feel less anxious, sleep better, and reduce pain.


Numerology is based on a belief in the divine relationship between numbers and their meanings, associations and inherent power. It is a study that explains the inherent power of numbers. We use this study of numerical value to reinforce and establish the intent and effectiveness of each treatment. We believe in living with intention. We believe this can change how you feel. Numerology has hidden ways to represent hope and we hope we can change your day for the better.

Natural remedy bar

You will be guided by our therapists who will share their knowledge of abundant local herbs and produce. Immerse yourself in the varied textures, extraordinary aromas and create your unique natural products that will be used in your treatment afterwards.

Holistic Mapping

“Your health, the natural way” By reading your own map you can see where you have been and where you are going in terms of your health, your mood, and your emotions. It’s your feedback from your body.

Body Mapping Intuitive Therapy

To determine which areas of your body and mind need support. We will work with massage, chakra balancing and hands-on-healing to restore your nervous system and address any underlying issues or blockages, assisting you to find health and equilibrium.

Skin Reading

Your face tells the story of your life, every joy & every pain is etched across it, for the world to see. Your skin has so much meaning. Skin is the symptom . . . not the source. You need to recognise what happens on the inside – both the physical and the emotional front – which truly does show up on the outside. Your complexion is innately connected to your feelings, self-confidence and power. Conditions that manifest themselves on the outside are merely a symptom of what’s happening on the inside. Only by treating your whole self can you restore your skin’s natural glow. By working on the inside out, there are signs all around us guiding us, speaking to us and the biggest sign is our body and skin.

Foot Mapping

The various reflex areas on your feet form “maps” that correspond with different parts of your body. Learn all about these maps as your feet are massaged and restore your body’s balance to its optimum state. Human Touch Changes Brains. A little bit of gentle human touch does wonders for our health.  It changes our biochemistry, and improves our immune system.

*Grey Wolfe Treatment Menu, in either digital or print formats, is subject to change and without prior notice. Whilst we make every effort to provide our guests with the most correct information, occasionally our treatment menu will need to be updated in order to reflect the business needs. 18.11.2001

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  • Please arrive for your appointment 10 minutes prior to your scheduled starting time. This allows you the time for a relaxed and unrushed experience.
  • If late arrival is inevitable, your service(s) will be shortened to keep on schedule.
  • No full or partial refunds will be given. We would politely request that you call us if it looks like you are going to run late.
  • Unfortunately late arrivals will not receive extension of scheduled appointment/s. In special cases, and when our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment. This will be at our discretion and only with, advanced notification of your late arrival. The original service fee will be charged.
When booking your first treatment at our wellness space, we will require a 50% booking deposit of the total service. Please note we allow a 24 hour grace period after booking deposit is paid for a refund. However, thereafter booking deposits are non refundable.
We at Grey Wolfe love your furry friends. Sarah and Sinéad themselves have their own furry friends called Woody and Alfie. For health and safety reasons we can’t allow your furry friends including Woody and Alfie to visit our space, in case any of our guests have allergies or fears.
In order to totally relax and to feel our full experience, we would like to suggest that you please turn off your mobile phone or place on silent whilst inside our wellness space. We will not be responsible for the loss or damage of your personal items.
Here at Grey Wolfe we love babies and children, although we ask that you make childcare arrangements prior to your appointment. This ensures the safety of your children as well as maintaining a relaxing and tranquil space for you and all our guests.

We require 48 hours’ notice to be given during opening hours to cancel or modify your appointment in any way. You will appreciate if we don’t receive the required notice we may have to charge 50% of your service. Guests who fail to show up for their appointment or give less than three hours notice will be charged the full amount of your service.

With our guest safety and comfort at the forefront of everything we do, we have a strict policy in place prior to certain treatments.

  • Patch testing for lashes & brows tint, LVL Lash treatments must be carried out a minimum of 48 hours prior to the treatment.

  • Patch tests carried out at other establishments are not valid.

  • Please notify us immediately should a reaction occur so we can make a full record on your client record card.

The Grey Wolfe Gift Card can be used to purchase goods or/and services in our wellness space. This card cannot be refunded, transferred or exchanged for cash. Grey Wolfe will not be liable for lost, stolen or damaged cards. Gift-cards will expire after 6 months and cannot be extended after this time. For any queries regarding this card please contact us on 02036060049.